Crystal Klewein, Nurse Practitioner

Crystal Klewein is a Nurse Practitioner at Heart and Vascular Wellness Center who partners closely with Dr. Ganiyu Oshodi.  She attended California State University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  While working as a registered nurse in cardiac units and the emergency/trauma department, Crystal returned to school to complete her Master of Science in Nursing with a special certification in Adult Acute Care from Grand Canyon University. Crystal is a board-certified Adult Nurse Practitioner and licensed in the state of California. She has worked in primary care settings and most recently joined the practice in 2022.  She is involved in multiple areas of care of Dr. Oshodi’s patients and you will see her in the office, office-based procedures, and the hospital.

Crystal K

What inspired you to become a Nurse Practitioner?

I knew from a young age I wanted to work in the medical field. I admired the NPs I met in my externships because of how knowledgeable and compassionate they were. I always wanted to be a link in the chain of patient care that provided empathy and education to empower patients to make the most of their health.

Why did you decide to work at a Cardiologist/Electrophysiologist over other medical practices?

My nursing background is in cardiology, trauma and emergency medicine.  My favorite system has always been cardiovascular as it impacts so much of our quality of life.  I worked in primary care prior to coming to cardiology because I felt before jumping into my passion, I wanted to be a well rounded provider.  It is the best part of my day when patients come in and share improvement in symptoms and, most importantly, their quality of life. I love to see people return to their hobbies and have a refreshed hope for their future.

Do you have any community involvement or volunteer activities?

My main community involvement is with church and my children’s extracurricular activities. I have served as a medical team member in my previous church and presently volunteer in a food pantry outreach program.

Do you have any specialized training or certifications? Why did you choose that specific training/certification over others?

 I am a board certified Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner.  I am also a member of the American College of Cardiology and Heart Rhythm Society.  My plan is to apply to become an Associate of the American College of Cardiology in a few years. I am also trained in endovenous ablations using Varithena, Venseal and laser. I am proud to continue the Heart and Vascular Wellness Center’s tradition of delivering excellent patient care by keeping up to date with medical guidelines through continuing education.

What is your favorite part about your job?

My patients will tell you one of my favorite parts of the job is educating patients. I want them to know what we are testing for and why.  When we start new treatments, I want them to have all the information available to them so they can make an informed decision about moving forward.  I also don’t shy away from sharing the risks of missing out on preventative screenings and early intervention. I don’t like the saying “what you don’t know can’t hurt you” because it certainly can. But if we find a problem early we can intervene.  The quote I changed to fit my outlook on life is “It is what it is, but it becomes what you make of it.”  I think it puts the power back in each individual’s hands to change the things we can and if we can’t change anything else, we can at least change our outlook on the situation. 

D. R.

“They are all very outgoing and welcoming. I really love the NP (Crystal). They are all very knowledgeable and make you feel comfortable during your visit.” 


“The Nurse Practitioner, Crystal, was wonderful and ordered the necessary tests to find out what is going on in my body. It eased my fears and know I will be taken care of. That is rare to find anymore.”