Love Your Legs Again with Varithena!

When it comes to treating varicose veins and getting back to the activities you love, there’s a new, nearly painless way. Varithena is a gentle microfoam treatment delivered in as few as 1-2 needle sticks.

A gentle, noninvasive treatment for chronic venous insufficiency with minimal downtime, the Varithena procedure usually takes less than one hour, and is covered by most insurances. Watch this video to learn more about this varicose vein procedure proven to improve symptoms and vein appearance. Read more about Varithena at

Putting your needs front and center, the fast, minimally invasive treatment allows you to do something about your varicose veins your way—with little to no downtime. Please note that you should not be treated with Varithena if you’re allergic to polidocanol or have clots in your blood vessels.