“I feel so graced that I was referred to Dr. Oshodi for my irregular heart-beat . Not only when I called to make an appointment – I was greeted by Lorena who made the appointment for me within minutes…no holding and waiting forever to speak to someone … which was shocking in itself …lol. When I arrived, the office was like a lovely “living room” type area with a TV and not programmed with the typical Drs. office video, but actual programming. Amber, the practice manager, is the sweetest woman EVER!!! Just absolutely lovely! And Dr. Oshodi, is AMAZING – he is getting my irregular heart beat controlled. The staff and Dr. Oshodi are warm and friendly and the wait time is almost non-existent and I actually feel they care about me… how bout that!!! All in all, this is the BEST Cardiologist in SoCal!!! Seriously!”